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My name is Claudia and my hobby is cosplay which comes down to making and wearing costumes. I mostly do that together with my friends. I have always had a fascination for costumes and participated in many events from when I was a child. My mother was always so kind to sew many different outfits for me, ranging from Princess Yasmine from the movie Aladin to custom carnival suits. However when I became older I got to know Lady Lionheart and since high school we basically shared our passion for costumes and stick together when we create them. When I have free time I often meet up with my (cosplay) friends to brainstorm about new costume projects or we go fabric-shopping.

Besides cosplay my hobbies are drawing, singing, dancing (latin/ballroom/freestyle), listening to good music, reading, watching movies/anime and playing videogames. I also do archery and I often try my archery skills in (worldwide) competitions.

I obtained my university BA degree in the Japanese language and culture and a Masters degree in Arts & Cutures with the specialization Musea & Collections. I currently work as a collection manager for the dutch cultural heritage agency. I love to travel/visit new places and share my passion for cosplay with other people!!

You can contact me through the following emailaddress: claudiastar(at)gmail.com