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It's already spring?!

Posted by Eleanorx on March 24, 2011 at 3:30 AM

Hey my dear cosplaylovers :D

well I haven't died of schoolstuff and IRL things yet so I am doing fairly well. Last February I had a photoshoot with my dear friend Aotenshi. Just a casual shoot where we wore different outfits but one of them was the alternative version of Karren/CC and that really was awesome to do!! I haven't received many pictures yet but the few I had I put on here so you guys can see. The photographer was Gwenny Ruiz and he really knows his tricks! pics turned out so great I like them a lot!!

The cosplay season is going to start next month and from there on more fairs and conventions will pop-up. Normally this would be the time of the year that I am making new stuff to wear at said conventions/fairs, however money/time is the real issue that prevents me from doing that U_U

I am however going to the fairs to atleast have a feeling I participated this year :) maybe I will dig up some older costumes or I will try to combine something to create something new :P either way I will try to look my best!!!

So I will go to the Elf Fantasy Fair 2011 for 2 days, however the first day I will be helping my good friend Lady Lionheart sell her victorian/steampunk stuff --> check her site: www.victoriandreams.nl
And on the 2nd day I will just walk on the fair grounds checking everything and everyone out ^^ dunno what I will wear :P

Ofcourse Midsummer Fair Archeon and Castlefest I want to go to this year but those seem pretty far away with all the stuff that I need to finish the coming 2,5 months! I also had planned a *cosplay* trip abroad but from the looks of it that will be cancelled >.< Instead I might just go to the Animecon 2011 for 1 day and also Abunai 2011 as that was loads of fun last year.

So stay tuned for more pics!!



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